Kangoo Jumps Testimonials

As we (Wayne & Elena) jog around the valley in our Kangoo Jumps and share the news/benefits of Kangoo Jumps, positive feedback always comes back, the following email - (that was originally sent to corporate) is one that gives hope and really shares the message of how wonderful Kangoo Jumps are...


From: Walt S
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 12:58 AM
To: kangoo.hq@gmail.com
Subject: Tried KJs & Was able 2 Jog & Run for 1st time in 6 yrs

 I am a 43-yr old a male with osteoarthritis in both knees (I have been told that knee replacements are inevitable.), a torn right ACL,  degenerative disc disease (in my lower back, spine, and cervical regions), fibromyalgia, osteoporosis/osteopenia, and gout--in addition to having severe hormonal deficiencies, as well as weight gain due to inactivity/low metabolism. I was diagnosed disabled nearly 6 years ago by an extensive team of specialists at the Mayo Clinic at the age of 37 bringing my life and career to a screeching halt.  Anyway, I walk with a cane and a $6000 custom (medial off-loading) professional athletic knee brace

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, I was manning a booth at an Easter festival when one of your distributors came up to our booth and was waiting to speak to one of us.  Fortunately, I finished first and inquired about the (KJ) boots. He looked at my hands and shoes and asked if I wore the same size as he does and offered to let me try his KJs.   Wow! When he strapped me into the boots, they felt incredibly comfortable--divine, in fact.  Once Wayne and his business partner, Elena, got me conditioned to standing, utilizing my core, balanced, and walking, I went for a light jog with Elena.  I could not believe it--and neither could my best friend who was working the booth with me. I literally jogged around for 15-20 minutes (something I have not been able to do in 5+ years). It felt orgasmic--my body literally felt that good with no stress on any of my problem areas.  In my current physical state, I'm lucky if I can walk to my mailbox most days, but I definitely can't jog, run, or stand for any appreciable time period. I told everyone (working the booths, walking around, etc.) how amazing it felt as I ran around like a little kid again. I am a former avid runner/jogger, hiker, weightlifter, cardio enthusiast who was super physically active till I was stricken with a rare illness that resulted ultimately in my disability.

It has now been 2 days since I tried the KJs and my knees feel great; whereas, the slightest exertion usually causes me chronic pain.  I will be following up with Wayne/Elena this evening to inform them as to how I'm feeling as they insisted I wait several days to truly determine the effectiveness of the KJ boots and the impact on my joints, muscles, and so on!  

Bravo, you have a winner in your product and I certainly plan to purchase some KJ boots!  If there are any trials or studies in which I could participate, I would gladly do so.   I hope you are looking into getting approval for U.S. insurance companies to cover this product for orthopedic, rheumatologicial, podiatric medical uses.  I am excited for the first time since becoming chronically ill that I can get back to peak form and resume a productive life. 

Walt S. - Phoenix, Arizona

 Kangoo Jumps Testimonial from Belen Trujillo -  Phoenix, AZ

When I first started rebounding on Kangoo Jumps, I had never jogged in my life, but I had been reading about the benefits of rebounding so I wanted to try them.  The first day all I did was basic steps, sort of learning to walk on a trampoline but with the freedom to go anywhere.  The next day I jogged less than a quarter of a mile, being that I had never jogged before in my life that was alot for me.  But it felt so good, I just continued and two months later I was running my first 5k in my Kangoos!

Unfortunately I didn't keep track of the inches I was losing, I was gauging myself by weight, since the Kangoos themselves weight 3 lbs each, I was building muscle quickly and the inches were coming off fast, but the scale was doing little movement.  Everyone was asking what I was doing...  In less than a month I dropped a pant size, I had more energy and my body was toning without lifting any weights. 

I now have a nice flat tummy, my body is firm, I enjoy the Kangoo Boots so much I became a Kangoo Instructor and I still don't lift any weights or do sit-ups.

I can honestly say Kangoo Jumps is the best "exercise gadget" I have ever invested in.  It has paid itself off!

Belen Trujillo
Kangoo Instructor
Phoenix Arizona


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