Some of you have already seen me jumping around at the gym or at the park with my Kangoo Jumps, today I want to share my first 4 week experience on them...

On January 7th, I weighed and measure myself and started jumping on my Kangoo Jumps for about 20 minutes then sitting in the Infrared Room for another 10 minutes, first few days I was barely bouncing, the weight of the boots is over 3 lbs each so my legs had to get used to them but now 4 weeks later my legs are more agile and responsive to picking up the weight of the boot.  I didnt bounce to any video, I was just jumping to some latin music.

Those that know me - know that I enjoy proving if something works or not so I HAD to do an experiment to confirm you drop inches with Kangoo Jumps, although I began working at the gym on January 3rd I didn’t touch any of the machines or lift any weights, my only friend at the gym has been the Infrared Sauna and the boots.  For the last 4 weeks, my exercise regimen has consisted of jumping on Kangoo Jumps and doing some leg exercises using the weight of the boots, while jumping I was doing some upper arm exercises but without any weights.  Some of the jumping I did while at the gym in the private room designed for Infrared Sauna users other times I did the bouncing while at home in front of the TV while watching my favorite TV shows. Twice a week I used the Infrared Sauna for about 20 minutes.

I have not diet, which means I have enjoyed the pleasure of pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, birthday chocolate cake which ended coming home with and that meant 3 days of more cake (chocolate and cheesecake); out to dinner with a friend to celebrate business, that dinner consisted of Filet Mignon and tiramisu which was to die for;  some wine, more wine and then some more wine, a celebration with White Russian and Oreo cookies also took place.  The word diet doesn’t go well in our household, being Latina means rice and beans at least twice a week along with some type of pork dish, oh and let’s not forget, some burros and flour tortillas have also played their role in my “diet” (now I know why I gained 12 lbs last year!)

The results…. (Based on 4 weeks first day weight / measure 01-07-11 – today’s date 02-04-11)

On the scale I got rid of 3 lbs

According to my tape measure I got rid of:

  • 2.5 inches in my waist and
  • 1.25 inches of my hips and
  • 1.0 inch on each thigh (x2)
  • Plus a few other inches in other areas;
  • Total inches loss: 6.25

And according to the online Linear Body Fat Calculator   I got rid of:

  • 4.07 % Body Fat
  • 8.96 lbs of body fat and
  • I increased 5.96 in lean body weight (this is why my scale says I only lost 3 lbs)

I do believe I am satisfied with the results, I had read that rebounding was a great way to get rid of inches in an effortlessly way but I was unaware I was going to enjoy it.  There have been days that I THINK I don’t want to jump, but once I got the boots on, put some good music on and started jumping, there was a feeling of knowing that not only my legs where getting exercised but every cell in my body was fighting gravity, my body was in complete movement!  Of course I was going to see results, and I did.

One last note:

Although I have not diet I did add some very, very inexpensive products to my daily routine…

I am a believer if we consume negative products, let’s balance it with some positive…

Below are products that are part of my daily life regardless if I am exercising or not...

  • Egg white protein from Rose Acre Farms (increased my protein intake without increasing my fat intake)
  • ALKA-V6 from Orizon International (to balance the PH in my body, plus study show it kills cancer cells, runs in the family so I gotta stay ahead of those critters)
  • Desiccated Liver in Powder form from Body Building (originally began consuming for my anemia but recently I learned that it is a natural muscle builder)
  • Glucomannan Fiber from Konjac Foods (consumed before eating, tends to reduce calorie intake by 25%) I will post video of this study soon (sign up for newsletter so you don’t miss it)

You can learn of all the benefits of Rebounding by visiting the Kangoo Jumps website directly, if you would like to try on a pair prior to purchasing please visit us at All in One Fitness.

Well this is my first blog to my Kangoo Jumps experience…

Next week I will be adding jogging on the treadmill with Kangoo Jumps on to my "work out",  sign up for my newsletter to keep up with my progress and I will keep a diary of what I eat and calories I am consuming lets see what happens!

Till next time,

Take care of you it's the only body you have!

Elena Dieppa