By Wayne Hammonds

In the midst of the obesity epidemic in America, clergymen’s health has dramatically declined in the last fifty years, nowadays clergies are 20 percent heavier than rest of the population.

We must build on the strength that pastor’s bring to their leadership roles and help them use what makes them leaders in ways that give them the tools to care for and nurture their own health and bodies.

By helping pastor’s lead healthier, happier lives, the impact that can be translated by them to their congregations can have more significant impact than the effect of physicians telling people to lose weight and get more exercise.

When a pastor decides to be a role model by improving his health, he takes a major step in making our community a healthier place.

Healthy leadership includes not just the pastor(s) but also the lay leadership, church council, deacons, trustees, elders, etc.  We must ask church leaders to choose to be healthy in their personal lifestyle in order to be role models to the church and community.